Today on Jewcy: We present to you, four purrfect TV lady looks.

As a proud Jewish cat mom, I wanted my daughter to celebrate Halloween with a nod to her heritage. And what better inspiration than my fellow Jewish women in media?

Marji, my one year-old rescue cat, was less enthusiastic about the idea. She tolerates most of my obsessive cat parenting—the baby sling, the harness and leash, the automatic feeder—but made clear during this project that she has certain limits.

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Years After Their Divorce, Nonagenarian Lovebirds Marry in Surprise Ceremony

An Israeli couple—she’s 93, he’s 91—remarried this weekend, years after their divorce, in a surprise ceremony organized by their community. The two, residents of Eli, in southern Samaria, continued to live together after their separation, and were certain that Jewish law did not permit them to get remarried.

Earlier this month, they celebrated Sukkot with their rabbi, Avraham Schiller, when the subject of their relationship status came up. The two were delighted to learn there was no halachic ruling barring them from reuniting, but added that at their age, it was probably a bit too late. Touched, the rabbi enlisted the help of several people in the community, including the students at a local yeshiva, and organized an impromptu ceremony for the two last Thursday.

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Breads Bakery Rocked by Partners’ Feud

In further proof that God is very, very unhappy with us, Breads—the incomparable Israeli bakery that has opened several locations in Manhattan and gifted the continent with history’s best babka—is currently experiencing a bitter feud between its two chief partners.

According to a demand for arbitration, filed earlier this month and first reported by Eater, Uri Scheft, the baking guru who started the brand in Israel under the Hebrew name Lechamim, is alleging that Gadi Peleg, his business partner, is hiding profits and trying to wrestle away culinary creative control.

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Beyond Bamba: Five Israeli Snacks American Supermarkets Need to Import Right Now

Now that Trader Joe’s has started selling Bamba, Israel’s iconic snack, it’s time to start taking the Jewish state seriously as an empire of edibles. Forget smart phone apps or Netflix shows: Start-Up Nation’s future is in snacks. And the beloved peanut-flavored puff is only the first step. It’s time now to move beyond Bamba and get to know the five Israeli noshes discerning American supermarket chains out to stock up on right now:

Bisli: If Bamba is Coke, Bisli is Dr. Pepper, a cult classic that never made it as big despite being infinitely more interesting and delicious. There are several flavors to choose from, including falafel—which looks like birdfeed and tastes not much better—but the flagship is Bisli Grill, which is shaped like fusilli and hits the tongue like a spiral of salt and joy. In classic Israeli fashion, almost everything about Bisli’s success was a complete coincidence. In 1977, with Bamba now a decade old and selling briskly, Osem, Israel’s food giant, decided it was time for another snack. The company had some old pasta machines lying around, and decided to use them to experiment with a new line of products. Unsure what flavor would work best, Osem’s engineers devised a purely scientific method: They made four different samples, placed each in a large bowl, and then marched to the high school across the street from their factory and offered the goods to the hungry teenagers there. The first bowl to be emptied, they agreed, would determine which snack needed to go into production. The kids, it turns out, were all right. But lacking a term to describe the new offering, the folks at Osem realized Hebrew didn’t really have a word for snack. They petitioned the Academy of the Hebrew Language, advocating for the word hatif, which comes from la’htof, to grab. It stuck.

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Members of the U.S. Army Field Band Explore a Private Collection of Rare and Antique Saxophones

Members of the United States Army Field Band paid a visit to Dr. Paul Cohen, a teacher and musician who has in his possession an incredible collection of rare and antique saxophones of all sizes and shapes. Each of the band members picked out an instrument that looked interesting and played it best he could. Sergeant First Class Brian Sacawa even managed a bit of the Black Sabbath song “Iron Man” on the amazing tubax

Dr. Paul Cohen shares with the Army his unique collection of historical saxophones that highlight the evolution of the instrument.

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A Colorful Mountain Made Out of Paint That Stands as a Brilliant Memorial to One Man’s Devotion

In an inspirational episode of Amazing Places, host Tom Scott visited the California desert town of Slab City, to find out the story behind Salvation Mountain, a colorful memorial to one man’s devotion. In the 1990s, Leonard Knight was looking for a way to demonstrate his faith and somehow came up with the idea of building a mountain out of paint. According to the Salvation Mountain site, Knight had planned to leave a small memorial and leave town, but it just kept on growing and growing until it became what he envisioned.

Near Slab City, California, a man painted a hill. It was outsider art: Leonard Knight had no training and no great masters to imitate. But somehow, he created something that resonates with the world. This is the story of Salvation Mountain.

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A Big Fluffy Cat Goes For a Ride in a Shoebox Car

Knowing how much their big, fluffy Persian cat enjoys boxes, very considerate humans made a little car out of a shoebox, tied a string onto the front and took him for a little ride. Although the ride stopped after a couple of minutes, the stubborn little kitty absolutely refused to leave his beloved custom box.

Our cat loves boxes so we made him a little car out of one! He loves it, refuses to get out and will sit in it, meowing at us to pull him around again.

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Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Ride Around New York City on a Speeder Bike for Halloween 2017

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How the Familiar Behavior of Romance Became the Norm Within the Platonic Relationships of ‘Friends’

In another of their very insightful video essays, film and television analysis platform ScreenPrism dug into the classic series Friends. looking specifically at how the platonic relationships between the characters were often portrayed as familiarly romantic whenever there was a responsibility to be met, an argument, a tender moment or moving out of an apartment. They also looked at collective romance of the six friends, growing and changing as they grew as individuals.

Friends illustrates that friendship and romance are two interconnected sides of the same love coin throughout the show.We see familiar romantic behavior transplanted onto platonic situations and this makes us laugh.

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